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David Klein’s plans will help health system management to:

Vote for Experienced Health Care Leadership

A vote for David Klein is a vote for experienced health care leadership.
And Lee County needs proven health care leadership now, more than ever.

David’s Governance Experience

  • Passionate about leading organizations toward mission-focused, financially sustainable solutions
  • Member of Lee Health Finance and Investment Committee and a trusted advisor to Lee Health senior management
  • Current board member and advisor to numerous health care delivery systems, equity funds and higher education institutions
  • National leader in health care administration

David’s Executive Experience

  • 30-plus-year career leading numerous health care and insurance companies
  • Served as CEO of a multi-billion-dollar insurance company with almost 2 million members
  • Served as CEO of health care delivery system with over 140,000 patients
  • Dedicated to serving his community, with a long history of volunteer leadership roles
  • Passionate about assuring quality care for all while assuring strong financial oversight of the Lee Health system

Enhancing Our Health Care System: Quality and Service

Enhancing quality and service while managing expense is what heath care executives like David Klein do. To improve access to quality health care, he plans to help Lee Health management:

So vote for David Klein like our community’s health depends on it... Because it does.

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What is The Hospital Board?

The Hospital Board is essential to our community’s health care system. Why? Hospital board are responsible for running the Lee Health system to ensure a high quality of care continues, even as Lee Health faces the financial impacts of COVID-19, rapid population growth and possible new competition. It is important to remember that EVERY Lee County voter can vote in all races for Hospital Board Director.

The bottom line: Vote for David Klein like our community’s health depends on it… Because it does.

Klein Has the Support of Fellow Leaders

People are embracing David Klein like our community’s health depends on it – because it does. Here are a few national and community leaders who endorse David Klein. You too can support the David Klein Campaign by providing an endorsement or volunteering for his campaign.

So vote for David Klein like our community’s health depends on it... Because it does.

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Your Vote is Your Voice


Exercising your right to vote is important for so many reasons, and that includes quality health care.

Among the many things you can do to advocate for a healthy community, registering to vote should be at the top of the list.

To learn more about where, how and when to register,

Important Dates and Deadlines


These are the dates and deadlines every voter must know
to ensure they can cast their ballot on Nov. 3.

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